November 2012

Month: November 2012

Two big trips for 2013

As this year is winding down, I’m looking at a couple of big adventures in 2013…

– Some kind of January or early February thing. I pulled the trigger on an ill-fated plan to bike the Florida Keys until I found the camping was totally booked or outrageously expensive. So that’s scrapped. I’m now toying with an Arizona loop starting and ending in Tucson (might be too cold) or a Portland trip that is more about snowshoeing and urban biking. I suspect it may rain.

– The bigger deal is my summer. I have about 6 weeks to play with following WDS in Portland, so I know things start there. Option one is a loop from PDX to Seattle to visit friends and family, then a turn south to San Francisco, and then a return to PDX. Option two is bike east…. as far as I can… in 6 weeks. I thought this might be the year I could do a full cross country tour, but it’s just not enough time if I want to try to sneak in some work and keep the pace reasonable.

So, that’s the deal. I’ll probably overthink both options for both trips and I’ll likely write about the thought process. Apologies in advance.

In other news, I tried to convert my dog Louis into a bike touring dog. It did not go well:

adventure by bike

Hey, this looks cool… I’m game!

do NOT take me biking again

do NOT take me biking again

couch > bike

couch > bike